The author Zachary Dillon reclines on a green couch in a living room, reading an e-reader. There is a dark, stripey cat sitting on him and staring at the camera.

So, What Is This?

I spent a decade trying to write a novel. It wasn’t my first attempt, but at the time it was my most earnest attempt.

The novel was about a scientist whose wife dies, and he embarks on a quest to clone her and continue their life together. The tragic catch was this: the clones only live for 24 hours, so every “success” quickly ends in death.

I loved this idea. I still love parts of it. But abandoning that project was the second-best decision I’ve ever made (the first-best was when I mustered the courage to talk to my wife as a complete stranger in a foreign country).

The morning after I quit the book, I started a brand-new novel. It’s inspired by personal experiences I’ve had with paranoia and auditory hallucinations, and it wound up being a far stranger subject than a guy cloning his dead wife.

I’ve written three complete drafts of this new book in the last year and a half, just by pushing forward and not looking back until I’d reached the end. I took dark, meandering detours. I said yes to ideas that would “never work.” The result is the most interesting, weird, and moving thing I’ve ever written.

Believe me. I’ve read everything I’ve ever written. This book is the best of it.


The book’s revision continues, but now I crave the fresh discovery of writing something from scratch.

So my aim here is to explore and experiment. Dig up an idea from the clay of my subconscious and polish it into fiction by the end of each week.

I’ll tell you right now, some of them will be stinkers. But I guarantee they will ALL be bizarre. And hey, some might even be good!


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Thanks for reading.

Where human feet have never trod
Where human eyes have never seen
I’ll build a world of abstract dreams
And wait for you

– Sun Ra